About Us

Unlimited beyond understanding

UBU Dance Studio is a dance environment that encourages you to grow yourself as a dancer while still preserving your unique style. We celebrate the love of dance and individualism while still maintaining the foundations in strength, technique, flexibility and hard work. We provide various styles including Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary. Our classes include various age groups and levels, from novice to advanced competitive levels. Our teachers are friendly, highly qualified and experienced and will inspire you to be the best dancer you can be. We offer Dance Exams within the TDA, RAD and ISTD Syllabuses. We also participate in various competitions, workshops and other dance opportunities.



3 years ago Tyla decided to take her passion for dance to the next level by buying out UBU. Ever since she has lead her studio through countless competitions, workshops and shows with unique ability to direct her students onto a path towards their full potential in order to express themselves through art of dance.

Studio Owner and Creative Director

Tyla Cillie


Danielle, UBU's speciality Hip Hop teacher, has had years of experience as she has performed all over the country touching the hearts of those who watch her. Danielle now mentors the next generation of influencers so that one day they can do the same as what she has learnt to do.

Hip Hop Teacher

Danielle Kotze


Sophia is a passionate and driven instructor who excites the same qualities in her students stimulating them in a kind and loving way. She is qualified with the TDA and ISTA dance associations and collectively with her 10 years of local and international experience, she is helping her students attain their full potential.

Ballet Teacher 

Sophia Karayiannis